About Stjernestunder


Stjernestunder was born in 2002, and we have been folding stars ever since. Today there have been running about a million stars threw my hands, in many different materials and colors.

 I’m passionate about all kinds of folding techniques and that fact you can turn a flat piece of paper into fantastic 3D models.

Stjernestunder has been operated only as a wholesale company until 2015 where we opened our first Webshops at Etsy and Tictail. .

Please feel free to checkout our main website Stjernestunder.dk, and if you find some models we haven’t featured here please feel free to contact us.

Instagram  we use our profile there to give a little peek behind the scenes of the daily work with our folding.

Wholesale Please go to our homepage Stjernestunder.dk under BtB for further information and a login.

The whole story can you find here:  at All Things Paper Blog


Stjernestunder Helle Holst Design

Phone +45 22 62 94 00

E-mail info@stjernestunder.dk